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Virtue and Excellence: Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics with Colin Redemer

Colin Redemer is a professor at Saint Mary's College of California and VP of the Davenant Institute.

The Violent Focus of Francis Bacon

How to build a pressure-cooker Lebenswelt.

Writing in the Age of Machine Intelligence

Reflections on writing and creating in the era of GPT-N.

Young Balzac: Disordered Knowledge, Strange Student

A story about childhood and the unjustified gall to believe in one's potential greatness.

From PhD to LandChad: Digital Sovereignty, Christianity, and IRLmaxxing with Luke Smith (Live at Mansion #3)

Luke Smith was a PhD student in linguistics before he grew his Youtube channel to 168,000 subscribers—with his unique perspectives on digital, financial, and mental so...

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